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The Sales Recruiter for the Software Industry, ScaleOut Search Group works with established ISVs and resellers alike, primarily with sales of B2B Enterprise IT & Data Center applications.

“Good” Software Sales Reps are Easy to Find

But we know that “good” isn’t good enough, for an organization driving to grow and/or lead their market. 

Recruiting your game changing account executives and sales leaders is crucial to gaining market share and getting in front of your best prospects as well as growing within existing accounts.

That’s why employers in software turn to ScaleOut Search Group, to leverage our network of passive sales candidates, experienced in software sales, ready to make a jump to a new challenge, today.


Recruiting Account Executives and Account Managers

Sales Representatives & Sales Support

B2B Software Sales Rep Agency

Enterprise IT Software Sales Recruitment

• Independent Software Vendors and Resellers / VARs


Recruiting in Software

How do we successfully recruit elite software sales professionals? That top 10% of performers who can take you to the upper right of your niche’s quadrant or blow past your quarterly stretch goals?

Our recruiters spend their days on the phones with “relatively” happy, passive software sales candidates at your competitors, determining who the rainmakers and stabilizers are, and who might be ready to make a move. This heartbeat network of the enterprise software industry, along with our custom recruiting and outreach practices, allows us to bring you candidates you would never find on your own.

We’ve worked in enterprise IT since January of 2000 and know what it takes to deliver.


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