Data Storage Recruiters

The Data Storage Recruiters, ScaleOut Search recruits for IT sales, technical and managerial roles. Enterprise Storage, Flash, SAN/NAS, Cloud, Converged Storage & more. We are enterprise data storage recruiters with nearly 20 years in the industry.


Competition for Recruiting of Storage Talent is FIERCE

You post the ads and push the roles out to your in-house HR, but the candidates leave you wanting more – if not more resumes, certainly more qualified ones – at least one or two.

You know recruiting top tier data storage talent is crucial to grow your business and deliver for clients. That’s why employers in the IT storage space turn to ScaleOut Search Group, to leverage our network of passive candidates, experienced in the industry, ready to make a jump to a new challenge, today.

Storage Sales & Marketing Recruiters - for Account Executives, Sales Reps, Managers, Directors, Channel Managers, VPs and Execs

Recruiting Systems Engineers (SEs), Pre-Sales, Solution Architects, Professional Services & more

Enterprise Storage Providers

Storage Appliance Vendors and Resellers

HyperConverged and Cloud Storage, Data Storage Management and Protection

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Past Experience

Enterprise Data Storage Recruiters

We Crafted a Full Cycle Recruiting System for The Storage Industry

Merging Enterprise Data Storage experience dating back to the year 2000, with executive recruitment expertise and a creative team of former IT sales & marketing leadership, we’ve built a boutique system to find the coveted passive candidates needed to grow your storage OEM or reseller.

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Areas of Focus as Data Storage Recruiters

ScaleOut Search Group recruits for a variety of organizations within the niche. Contact us today to discuss your recruitment needs.

Data Storage Infrastructure Solutions

– On-premises SAN, NAS, JBOD hardware
– SSD flash storage, SATA/PATA SCSI disks, RAID arrays
– Block, File & Object Storage OEMs & Resellers
– From terabyte to petabyte implementations / SMB to enterprise clients
– Cloud storage and hybrid/hyper-converged storage solutions
– NVMe volumes and serverless storage node providers

Data Storage Management Recruiters

– Software-Based Solutions to manage physical and/or virtual storage
– Edge computing storage implementations
– Intelligent storage solutions which automatically manage data lakes, data warehouses, raw big data and structured data alike.
– Data Storage Management Consultants and Architects managing everything from arrays to Storage Area Networks spread across multiple connected data centers and/or hybrid cloud storage.

Data Protection Services, Disaster Recovery, Backup

Data Backup Recruiters for Vendors, VARs & Channel
– Whether your organization manages multi-cloud storage instances or offers backup and recovery solutions on-prem for your clients
– Whichever storage specialization you offer, ScaleOut Search brings Low Latency and High Performance to your recruitment efforts!


Recruiting in Data Storage

What does it take to land the top 10% of performers in sales, marketing and engineering in the IT storage space – for vendors, distributors, channel partners and resellers alike?

Our recruiters spend their days engaging in conversations with “relatively” happy, passive candidates at your competitors, determining who the rainmakers and stabilizers are, and who might be ready to make a move. This heartbeat network of the storage industry, along with our custom recruiting and outreach practices, allows us to excel for our clients.

We’ve worked in this space since January of 2000 and know what it takes to win.

When you work with ScaleOut Search Group, it’s as if you took your industry expertise and blended it in with the time to call thousands of potential candidates, in order to uncover the superior professionals who are truly excelling. Then we bring them over to your team.

For Candidates, we work with the top established names in the data storage field, in tandem with exciting start-ups that you can grow with. Working with ScaleOut allows you visibility into stealth roles, as well as a pathway to explore your pending job search, 100% confidentially.

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