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Struggling to find elite professionals in Big Tech, Data Storage, Unified Communications, Video & Collaboration? Companies like yours rely on ScaleOut Search Group. We recruit the top 10% talent in sales, pre-sales, engineering & leadership – for channel, VAR & vendor.


IT Channel Management & Acceleration

Channel Partner Recruiters

  • Build out a robust channel of IT Resellers to grow your market and extend your brand
  • Leverage our expertise matching, recruiting and onboarding strategic partners

Channel Management

When your company isn’t ready to hire on a channel management team, utilize ScaleOut to manage your channel for you.

Channel Marketing

Co-0p programs ready to go, or to customize to your specific market needs. Leverage our marketing programs to accelerate and activate your channel partners.


Enterprise IT Industry Recruitment

Unified Communications

From video collaboration vendors to UCAAS / UPAAS solution providers, they count on ScaleOut for recruiting rainmakers and stabilizers to deliver the talent who can deliver and implement innovative UC&C solutions.

Storage Backup Recruiters

Recruitment in Backup

ScaleOut works with leaders in the Data Protection Services, Backup & Recovery verticals to land the talent needed to win business & climb your industry quadrant. Uncover passive all-stars in the backup space

Data Storage Recruiting

Whether you need an Account Executive in Enterprise Storage, a Channel Manager or a Systems Engineer, we know the A-players ready to make their next move. Sales, Pre-Sales, SEs, Marketing & Management.

Roles/Jobs We Place for:

  • Sales, IT Sales Roles
  • Marketing Leadership
  • IT Engineering / SE
  • Technical/System Jobs
  • Executive Roles

Software Recruiters

We work with B2B Software and SAAS companies in the Enterprise IT space and recruit for software sales reps, technical roles, leadership talent and beyond.

Cloud Recruiters

Commercial cloud companies, serving the enterprise and mid-market, know that ScaleOut has the expertise it takes to recruit sales, marketing, SEs and management to scale up & out.

Enterprise IT Experience powers our recruitment

How many recruiters can claim hands-on experience in your market? We’ve been on your side of the table, with nearly 20 years experience working in infrastructure. Our superpower is a deep understanding of your needs, paired with an amazing network and approach to IT & data storage recruitment.
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Please contact us for more information on recruitment for your organization.

612-440-3020 | info@scaleoutsearch.com

Leverage a talent flywheel with our IT specific recruiting process.

Generalist recruiters try and fail to take a cookie-cutter recruiting approach to our industry. Hiring in Enterprise IT requires an unparalleled network, marketing prowess and earned industry expertise.
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Many Roles. One Mission.

Ultimately, it’s about achieving and maintaining your market leadership. The story behind that success relies on many individuals, and excellence is required in each role. We’re here to support your mission, one hire at a time.

Channel Partner Recruitment

ScaleOut Search Group also works with OEMs and ISVs to build out their IT Partner Networks.

Sales/ Account Executives

Systems Engineers and technical

Channel Managers

Marketing Managers And Specialists

Executives, VPs, and Territory Managers

Discuss your IT Talent Search

Let’s scale out your growing business with the upper echelon of performers who are essential for success.

Enterprise IT Recruiters with Experience

What does it take to land the top 10% in IT sales, management and engineering in the enterprise space – for vendors, distributors, channel partners and resellers alike?

Our recruiters spend their days engaging in conversations with “relatively” happy, passive candidates at your competitors, determining who the rainmakers and stabilizers are, and who might be ready to make a move. This heartbeat network of the enterprise market, along with our custom recruiting and outreach practices, allows us to excel for our clients.

We’ve worked in this space since January of 2000 and know what it takes to win.

Enterprise IT Recruiter Resources:

 Enterprise IT Definition: (TechTarget, EITBOK Wiki, Gartner, Wikipedia)
A New Era for Enterprise IT (TechCrunch 2019)
Tech Recruiter sites: (ASA, NAPS, NAER, Top Echelon)
Sample IT Vendors: (Zoom, Cisco, Dell EMC, VEEAM, VMWare, Commvault, AWS, CohesityPensando and so many more!)

UC Recruiters – The Unified Communications Recruiter


Tech Recruitment

Top Tech Recruiters

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Looking to scale out your partner recruitment efforts for your startup? Hire a new COO to allow you to get back to your vision and creative innovation? Hire rainmakers and operators in your scaling operation? Whatever the stage of your tech organization, we are here for you.

Technical recruiters are a dime a dozen, but few have been on your side of the table. We both know (based on the calls you get) that some of these headhunters at “IT recruiting firms” are in their first ever job and don’t know a server from a switch nor VCAAS from UCAAS.

 Work with the team that knows how crucial your next hire is. Recruiters who know how to connect with the star passive candidates and pitch your great opportunities.  That’s what makes ScaleOut Search Group the top tech recruiters in the United States. 

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